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Welcome to my writing world. Whether you are here because you enjoy my books or you're wondering, “Is that the Mary Blayney who used to live in Muskegon, Michigan?” check out my biography (which does include Muskegon) and see what's new.

For the last ten years my passion has been historical novels set in England during the Regency period. The Regency spans the early years of the nineteenth century (think Jane Austen and King George III). England was on the verge of the Industrial Revolution, the rights of man were moving to center stage and the idea of marrying for love was beginning to take hold of hearts and minds.

My list of published books explore relationships in an era where the clash of old ways and new ideas was felt by every family whether rich or poor, London based or country bred. The series I wrote for Kensington's Zebra Line of Traditional Regencies is set in the early years of the 19th century when England was struggling to defeat Napoleon in his attempt to conquer the world. The war is on the fringe of my novels but all everyone in Marquis Strarmore’s family feels the weight of it. As each of the marquis’s children find love generations of old wounds are healed. Each of them discovers that reconnecting as family enriches their lives and their love.

The series I have just completed for Bantam Books takes place after Napoleon’s defeat in 1815, on the cusp of the Industrial Revolution. Duke Meryon’s brothers and sister are an unconventional lot which serves them well as they face the great changes coming. The final book in the series ONE MORE KISS will be out in April 2103.

In addition to these two series I have participated in six anthologies published by Penguin/Berkley. These anthologies are what I think of as a “romance sampler” with books by some of the best authors of the day including JD Robb, Ruth Langan, Mary Kay McComas, Patricia Gaffney and Elaine Fox. It is great to be in such esteemed company.

My novellas are all Regency set love stories which have one continuing element, a magic coin, called “Poppy’s Coin.” The coin changes the lives of everyone who wishes on it, whether they know they are wishing on a magic coin or not. Each novella explores the paranormal just a little, but not so much that it distracts from the love story. JD Robb, Mary Kay McComas, Ruth Langan, Elaine Fox and I are contracted for another anthology entitled MIRROR MIRROR which I expect will be published late in 2013.

Thanks for visiting and check back again soon to see what's coming next.

Writing compelling stories of love, hope and family.
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