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The Reckless Lover

The Reckless Lover is the first in a series of novellas that takes place in a small village in Derbyshire in 1825. Michael Garret and his wife, Lady Olivia, are characters from Lovers Kiss who have appeared in several of the other books for Bantam aka the Kiss series. Each novella is seen through their eyes and enriches their life.

Madame Mimi LaCouture is a new resident of Pennford and a curiosity. She has five children all too close in age to be her own. Where did she come from, why is she here and will she ever fit in?

John Smith is a lifelong Pennford resident and land manager for the Duke of Meryon's Devonshire estate. He has not yet recovered from the death of his wife and unborn child. He and Mimi's first meeting does nothing to endear him to her.

With the help of Michael Garret and the meddling of his well meaning wife, Mimi and John find what they had never thought to have, love and family. No Bed of Roses

A full length modern romance. Possibly a series centered around Millie as the continuing character. No Bed of Roses is set in 1987. Elisabeth Merrevaux is a refugee from a war torn eastern European country desperate for a job. Robert Sampson is a billionaire builder of major infrastructure system and just as desperate for a governess for his three children whom he has custody of for the summer months.

Millie, an employee of Sampson Industries, is sure that Elisabeth is perfect for the job of governess, despite the fact that the woman is applying for a position as a art historian. Now all she has to do is convince both Elisabeth and Sampson that her "harebrained idea" is really a brilliant one. Once she does she has to stay close by since she is also positive they are perfect for each other. It Started With A Dance

Jessica Marshall has met Mike O'Hara on more than one occasion. As the brother of her sister's fiancé, their lives are entwined beginning with the wild and crazy Las Vegas wedding that is her sister's idea of perfect. Jessica is the maid of honor and O'Hara the best man. On a bet the two kiss each other and for both it is more than they expected.

Jessica has already been married to one fabulously wealthy man and has no desire to repeat the experience especially when you add media into the mix. Mike O'Hara is the Oprah Winfrey of sports with a TV show that millions watch four days a week.

O'Hara is as determined to know Jessica better as she is to avoid him. Rhys Story (Untitled)

When I left Kensington the last of the Straemore sons, Rhys, was off to Europe, in the midst of a war, with plans to meet a famous astronomer. Readers still ask what happend in Spain. I know Rhys married the astronomer's daughter, Isabel, to insure her safe passage to England. But how and when they fall in love is part of the story I have not yet written.

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