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The Braedon Family Series
(Books 1-4 plus a Novella)
Sweet Regency Set Romances

(originally published by Kensington Books)

His Heart's Delight
Braedon Family Series, Book One

Morgan Braedon is not the slightest bit interested in marriage though his family thinks it’s essential to his future. Morgan needs one more year at the gaming tables to reach his financial goals and then he will walk away from gambling forever.

Christiana Lambert is not the slightest bit interested in marriage to anyone but her childhood sweetheart who is fighting abroad. While he is away she is going to London to party and avoid men with marriage on their mind.

Morgan and Christiana meet and plan a sham courtship to fool his family and guarantee her an escort. But love takes them by surprise and the game changes more than one life.

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His Heart's Delight

His Last Lover
Braedon Family Series, Book Two

James Braedon's relationship with his father has never been easy. But a disaster puts James in charge of arranging care for his aging parent and assuming his responsibilities as heir to the family fortunes. Life seems utterly bleak until Marguerite Voisson arrives to interview for the position of housekeeper.

Marguerite lost her family to a revolution but lives life with an optimist’s conviction that the best is yet to come. As she takes charge of the burned out ruin that is the Braedon family home she discovers bits and pieces of James’ past that both delight and sober her. And persuade her that James Braedon could be the love of her life.

James is not as easily convinced that Marguerite will be his last lover. The man’s stubbornness and his father’s animosity dim Marguerite’s optimism. For the first time she wonders if she has taken on a project that will lead to her ruin.

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His Last Lover

The Pleasure of His Company
Braedon Family Series, Book Three

Opposites attract! Lady Mariel Braedon Whitlow might be the daughter of a marquis but her life as a vicar’s wife has always meant service to others. Now a widow, she is called to London by an aging grandmother who is determined that her favored granddaughter find out what she missed by marrying so young.

Edward Hadley is a society favorite. He enjoys everything about London, from the gaming to the ladies, to the chance to play wry tricks and pranks on his friends.

No one has ever thought to look beyond Edward’s playful facade until Mariel comes along. Sparks fly as opposites attract and exasperate. Can what they have in common ever outweigh their differences?

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The Pleasure of His Company


Child of Her Heart (A Novella)
Braedon Family Series

When her engagement ends abruptly, Caroline Morton leaves home for a position in France. Five years later she is back with a ten-year-old orphan in tow. Marguerite was her charge in France but is now the child of her heart. Nevertheless Caroline is determined to find Marguerite’s uncle in France and reunite them.

Marguerite has a better idea and is happily working on a way to make the man from Caroline’s past part of her present...and future. Caroline and surgeon Reynie Osgood are quite polite to each other, but nothing more, until Marguerite forces them to confront the past and a love that has never died.

“Child of her Heart” is the story of how Marguerite Voisson, the heroine of HIS LAST LOVER, came to England as a child. There she found a family to stand in for the one taken from her by war. This novella is part of the Braedon Family Series.

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Child of Her Heart


The Captain's Mermaid
Braedon Family Series, Book Four

Lavinia Stewart is not interested in a London Season. Born in Jamaica, she would rather stay in the country home she manages for her widowed brother and swim in the pond with her young niece. Her life is almost perfect, until her brother's lecherous friends threaten her well-being.

Captain William Chartwell needs someone to care for his young ward, Angus, when the captain is called back to command. When he hears of his neighbor's plight and Lavinia's need for a protector, William proposes marriage which will leave him free to go to sea and give her the quiet life she wishes with the protection of his name. But nothing goes as planned for the Captain, or his "Mermaid" when a surprising passion rises between them and threatens to alter all their well-made plans.

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The Captain's Mermaid



Writing compelling stories of love, hope and family.
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