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Book Series
Writing compelling stories of love, hope and family.

Welcome to my writing world. Whether you are here because you enjoy my books or you're wondering, “Is that the Mary Blayney who used to live in Muskegon, Michigan?” check out my biography (which does include Muskegon) and click here to see what's coming. For the last thirty years I have written both Contemporary and Regency set romances, some with a paranormal element. The qualities that all these stories share are love, hope and family. Read More >What's Coming

Read on for information on my four new projects: Worlds Apart: SACRIFICE, The Reckless Lover, No Bed of Roses, It Started With A Dance

Worlds Apart: SACRIFICE
Worlds Apart: SACRIFICE is the first of a series, both novellas and full length novels. The stories center around a galaxy settled by colonists escaping a failing earth over a 1000 years ago. As this galaxy faces an approaching space ship of unknown origin and intent, the United Planetary Council insists on a peace treaty between two planets, Mara and Andros. The two have been at war for a generation. Read More >

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