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A script for a TV show was my first attempt at writing… at age 14. While my attempt never made it to the small screen, I eventually pursued writing as a career, first with contemporary romances for Silhouette and later with historicals set in the Regency period.

Raised on the East Coast, my life changed dramatically when I married Paul Blayney. Within six months we moved to a Coast Guard Base in Kodiak, Alaska. It was the first time I had ever been off the east coast. Over the years we lived all over the US including: (in order and inclusive so as not to offend any former neighbors and friends) Washington DC; Kodiak Alaska; San Francisco, California; Muskegon, Michigan; Norfolk, Virginia; San Juan, Puerto Rico; Juneau, Alaska; Arlington, VA; Governors Island, New York; San Juan Puerto Rico; McLean, Virginia and Seattle, Washington.

Paul's career gave me the opportunity to experience, in a personal way, the Coast Guard's search and rescue mission where life and death are no more than a breath apart. These events shape my belief that life is best lived with joy, love and a generous heart. Those convictions are what I most want to share with my readers. Family will always play a strong part in my books since, for me, family relationships are as fundamental as the love between a man and a woman.

Since 2000 we have lived within sight of the Chesapeake Bay. Despite significant damage to this area by four storms (namely Isabel, Ernesto, Irene and Isias) we continue to enjoy our community and our wonderful neighbors.

The last five years have been a time of change for me and our family. Through it all I have kept writing, experimenting with some cross genre stories and the idea of a series (or two). By the end of 2020 I will be ready to publish my first Science Fiction Romance. My critique partner defines it as a Regency set in a SF world. Read it and tell me what you think. Do keep an eye here and on Facebook and Instagram for publishing info.

I chose romance when I began writing because it was one of the few literary forms that welcomed a happy ending. Times have changed and many romance writers have moved on to other genres taking the happy ending with them. As for my plans, I still have many stories to tell and anticipate writing for years to come.

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