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Father ChristmasFather Christmas

Annie VerHollen is convinced that her eight year old nieces, Kendall and Jessica, deserve more for Christmas than the blank check their father sent. So she fills in one million dollars and waits for the fireworks.
       Daniel gets the message. Annie gives his girls a mother’s love even though she is only their adopted mom. So he insists all three join him in New York to celebrate Christmas.
       Before long Daniel realizes that Annie is as precious to him as his daughters. The question is how to convince her he can change his ways.

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Once and ForeverOnce and Forever
Playing for Keeps, A Novella

Kendall Marshall loves New York, acting and her sisters. When she meets Steve O’Hara, it only takes one dinner and a couple of near disasters to convince her there is room in her heart for at least one more. As evidence that a stalker is threatening the people Steve is committed to protect, it becomes clear that Steve and Kendall will have to push pause on their growing attraction and solve the mystery that is complicating their lives.

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