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The Pennistan Series

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Traitor's Kiss and Lover's KissTraitor's Kiss and Lover's Kiss

In the first two books of The Pennistan Family series, Gabriel Pennistan and Olivia Pennsitan find that love conquers hardship, loss and heartbreak.
      In Traitor's Kiss, Charlotte Parnell meets Lord Gabriel Pennistan, the Duke's youngest brother, in a France facing Napoleon's failed effort to take over the world. Surrounded by lies and deceit the two must overcome their own failures and learn to trust their judgment before they can trust each other.
       Lover's Kiss opens as Michael Garrett, traveling through the Peak District In Derbyshire, finds a young woman wandering through the woods naked and near death. Michael saves her only to become part of the intrigue and heartache that surrounds the Pennistan Family.

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Stranger's KissStranger's Kiss

Nominated for Best Innovative Historical by Romantic Times
5 / 5 Stars (Top Pick) — Night Owl Romance

Stranger's Kiss is the story of a man’s thirst for justice and a woman’s longing for passion.
       The Duke of Meryon and Elena Verano are as different as England and Italy. But each understands the others lingering grief after the death of their spouse. One conversation as strangers and one almost innocent kiss spirals into an affair revealing a jumble of emotions both have suppressed for too long.
       The duke’s efforts to bring an enemy to ruin and his affair with Elena collide in a way that threatens their growing love as well as their lives.

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Courtesan's KissCourtesan's Kiss

In Courtesan's Kiss an independent woman is determined to make her way in the world—even if it’s a scandalous one. But first she must escape a nobleman with plans of his own.
       After Mia Castellano’s fiancé breaks their engagement, the ton shuns her. Hardly scandalized, Mia sees her chance to finally free herself from society’s restraints — by becoming a courtesan. After all, a courtesan is in full control of her destiny: she manages her money, has her own house, and can choose her lovers. There’s only one obstacle standing in her way — Lord David Pennistan.
       Lord Pennistan has been assigned the challenging task of seeing Mia safely to her new home in Derbyshire where her guardian awaits. The woman attracts nothing but trouble from the outset of their journey. Although with every adventure they share, David’s desire for Mia grows. And when they’re caught in a compromising situation, David insists she marry him. But there’s only one thing Mia wants from David and it isn’t his charity or his title. Can he convince her before it’s too late that the love she wants is already hers — to take or to lose forever?

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One More KissOne More Kiss

One More Kiss captures the adventures of Beatrice and Cecilia Brent, the daughters of a mill-owner, as their godmother attempts to introduce them to the ton at a summer house party. Jess Pennistan invites himself to the party to try to win back land that he should never have gambled with in the first place. The guest list is unique and new friendships and loves are on the play list for all the characters.
       Jess Pennistan has long been the black-sheep brother of the Duke (Stranger's Kiss), spending his days gaming and carousing with friends, boredom his biggest fear. He’s the last man on earth who might fall for an educated bluestocking with an overprotective father.
       Enter Beatrice Brent. She could hardly have less in common with an aristocratic rogue like Jess. The daughter of a prosperous mill owner, Beatrice is a student of art, especially Rembrandt's drawings, and hopes for a life where her studies can be the center of her life.
       Fate, however, has something else in mind for both. Jess and Beatrice meet at a house party where they discover they do have one thing in common: a passion for each other that overwhelms their better judgment and threatens to shock society. Despite their mutual mistrust and conflicting goals, Beatrice and Jess repeatedly find they can’t resist one more kiss – are they courting destiny or disaster?
       Jess and Beatrice’s struggle against attraction is not all you will find in One More Kiss. Remember Viscount William Bendasbrook? He was engaged to Mia Castellano until both agreed they did not suit, in a scene that left Mia cast out of society and on her way to Pennford with the difficult David Pennistan. Mia and David have their own happily ever after in Courtesan's Kiss, but William is still free and as wild a man as ever.
       In One More Kiss William, now Marquis Destry, meets his match in Cecilia Brent, Beatrice's sister. For him it's true love at first sight, but Cecilia takes a bit more convincing. William tries everything he can think of to win her over, making for scenes both poignant and comic, including a race where he rides a horse side-saddle to see who is the better equestrian.
       And that's not all! This house party finds romance is infectious, spreading to the other guests and even the servants. It's a 'House Party at Downton Abbey', set in the Regency, and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you.

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